Saturday, October 27, 2012

Easy Conversion

Does the thought of filling a whole 12x12 scare you? Don't let it put you off starting a scrapbook! Try thinking and working in smaller sections. Break it down then build it up. Here's a 6x6 I've had lying around for a while as a sample. I wanted to add it to my big album so I made a background, framed the 6x6" with a 21x21cm (sorry, measurement mixing here) and stuck it together. Simple as! You can do it too!

6x6 made into a 12x12 using Stampin' Up! Fresh Cuts

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Decorated Peanut Tin

Yes, this little doozy is a decorated tin of roasted peanuts. If you want to put some Christmas baking inside (Coconut Ice comes to mind for some reason) open the bottom of the tin with a safety can opener, pop whatever you want inside and then reseal with some Crystal Effects craft laquer.

Decorated Peanut Tin